Teaching Meaningful Communication

The list of communication skills trainings for 2018

At Seesame, you are bound to find an experienced team of communication experts. They have successfully managed the chickpea spread crisis or the gas crisis of 2009 and many others.

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Not just a single training
but a thousand combinations

Our training centre prepares our clients for communication with journalists, customers and business partners, teaches them how to present their organisation and its products in media and elsewhere, how not to get tangled up in social media, and how to handle communication in times of crisis.

Media training

This course will teach you how to make media your friends and partners, not enemies. You will learn how to answer a question while simultaneously presenting your organisation and its employees in a positive light, be it into a microphone or in a real TV studio.

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Crisis communication

Bad news can hit even great companies. Your good reputation and commercial success may be at stake, or even the fate of the entire company. During the crisis communication training, we will teach you how to remain calm and self-possessed even in critical situations, how to handle the pressure from the media and also how to win back the trust of your partners and customers once the dust settles.

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The world of online and social media

In this training, we will show you how to make a great first impression even through a constraining online chat window, or how to handle a displeased customer. Understanding the world of online and social media will allow you to turn them into effective sales communication channels.

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Presentation skills

Customers and business partners tend to follow leaders with strong personalities. If you were not born as an incarnation of Steve Jobs, but you still want to inspire people, this interactive training has been designed just for you. We will teach you more than just public speaking. Among other things, we will also help you understand how to leave a good impression when presenting in the virtual space.

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Creativity and storytelling

How to write a PR article that is as interesting and engaging as if it was written by journalists themselves? Using quality content can help you drive sales and achieve your targets. We offer practical exercises precisely tailored to fit your needs.

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Convincing and strategic communication

When facing customers, your brand is in the hands of your sales staff. The aim of this training is to prepare your frontline for product pitch and teach them how to answer prying questions by providing comprehensive and credible messages.

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Employee engagement

Every organisation is a team of people. The more in tune you are and the more you share a similar vision, the better the company's financial performance and employee satisfaction. Fortunately, even being a good captain can be taught.

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Reputation, lobbying, public affairs

Decisions are made by people with various levels of information. You want to make sure they do not lack the information, points and arguments provided by you and your company. During the training sessions, we will teach you how to build a good brand recognition while simultaneously improving your business performance.

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Coaches who do more
than just train

Every coach is an internal employee of our agency, who translates into the process his or her personal experience from a plenitude of previous projects into the process while implementing the collective know-how of the agency. Coaches continuously enhance their coaching skills and regularly participate in methodology or group leadership trainings.

Michaela Benedigová
Managing Director & Partner
MBA Webster University, St. Louis, USA

Having worked for Seesame since 1997, Michaela leads the corporate team that works with clients from energy and utilities, finance and real estate development sectors. In addition, she also consults clients from healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Michaela specializes in reputation management programs, corporate, internal, and crisis communication.

Richard Menczer
Strategist & Partner
Master's degree in Journalism, Comenius University, Bratislava

For several years Richard worked as a journalist and international correspondent for various newspapers (SME, Hospodárske noviny) and TASR news agency. In Seesame, he focuses on communication in financial markets, electronics, logistics, transport, and manufacturing.

Peter Jančárik
Strategist & Partner
M.A. in Political Science, CEU, Budapest

Peter leads the digital and online team and also focuses on health care clients. He specialises in coaching online and social media communication as well as presentation skills trainings.

Tomáš Grečko
Strategist & Content Specialist
Master’s degree in European Studies, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava

He specialised in political journalism for TV station TA3 for three years. In Seesame his interest lies in client development, mainly in IT, technology, telecommunication, education, R&D, investing, and European projects.

Zuzana Ozanová
Strategist & Account Manager
Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Film Studies, Connecticut College, Connecticut, USA

Zuzana specialises in corporate, crisis, and internal communication. She also takes keen professional interest in improving corporate culture and employee engagement, drawing from her experience in international corporations and a background in auditing.

Anna Michalková
Head of Public Affairs
Master of Social Science, Uppsala University, Sweden

Anna’s key expertise is public affairs and advocacy. Her long-standing tenure with the American Chamber of Commerce helped her develop a strong network while gaining detailed knowledge of various regulated industries.